Dress Love: Oscars Night

So it appears this is the extended weekend of The Dress. Because Oscars, that’s why, and frankly I’ll never need a reason to swoon over happy dresses.

I had a number of favourites for plenty of reasons. There’s only one that, to me, was an absolute knockout – which you’ll get to. Be patient, poppets. It’s coming.

Big woohoo to the gorgeous Patricia Arquette for that speech, wild applause to Lady Gaga for that performance, a tear of joy shed for Julie Andrews for merely existing, and happy dances to Eddie Redmayne for the cutest acknowledgment of his wife (and, okay, for the Oscar).

In no particular order, my loves:

Rosamund-Pike (1)
Image via PopSugar Australia

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy. While the split doesn’t do a whole lot for me, the lace and scalloped bodice are divine.

Image via PopSugar Australia

Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford. Is it the off-the-shoulder neckline? Is it the silhouette? Is it the classic monochrome? I don’t know, but I’m completely besotted. Reese has basically won awards season for me.

Image via PopSugar Australia

Oprah Winfrey in Vera Wang. Oprah killing it, as per usual. Loving that wrap detailing, blush colouring and the flowing skirt – definitely on point.

Image via New York Daily News

Gina Rodriguez in Manon Gabard. The colour sold me – that shade of blue does absolute wonders with Gina’s skin tone. A bit of research tells me that this was no accident, and that the silk gown was dyed to a shade that would complement her gorgeous looks to perfection. That long scarf might make me a bit iffy about the neckline height, but fun fact for you: the gown is 100% sustainable, 100% certified peace silk. Eco-friendly and divine? Oh yes.

Image via PopSugar Australia

Keira Knightley in Valentino. Okay, so some might say she looks frumpy, some might say she’s going for a woodland fairy look. I stand proudly alongside others who say Keira is absolutely nailing pregnancy-chic. Embroidered florals and poetry extracts on a dress are just so romantic (in a total literature sense here), and her loose waves and dainty headpiece just finish it.

Image via PopSugar Australia

Cate Blanchett in Maison Margiela Couture by John Galliano. Classic black and a statement necklace (in such a divine colour, too). Cate knows her way around a red carpet.

Image via PopSugar Australia

Zoe Saldana in Atelier Versace. A supreme example of how dresses can flatter. The colour and cut work so beautifully on Zoe.

Image via PopSugar Australia

Jessica Chastain in Givenchy. Okay, so I’m a glitter fanatic. The midnight blue is such a beautiful colour and the neckline is interesting – it’s a case of a dress shining as it ought to. (Also, props to Jessica’s hair for being a stunning shade of red. I’ll just put my red hair love back in its box now…)

Image via PopSugar Australia

Anna Faris in Zuhair Murad. SPARKLE. Sparkle sparkle sparkle. Oh, and amazing silhouette. I love the fit and flare look, and I love me some sparkle.

And. The favourite look of the evening for me…

Image via PopSugar Australia

Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab.

Strictly speaking, this is from a side-on view only – I’m not a huge fan of that plunging neckline (they never make me impressed in any capacity), but I adore the skirt and the detailing. The champagne colour is divine, too. Such a princessy look and Jennifer lets the gown work its magic with a simple ponytail. Oh, Elie Saab, keep on keeping on.

Trend I wish would run soundly away? Okay, two – the huge splits and the hugely plunging necklines. Glitter can stay, please.

Go to POPSUGAR Australia to see all the Oscars prettiness.


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