A Little Bit of Dress Love

Okay, we’re back at the dress love. Not wedding dresses for once (such joy). No, we’re at “Oh my gosh did you see the Golden Globes?”

(I didn’t, but one of my colleagues showed me all the gowns. So I count myself as having seen it.)

So, favourite gowns. Or, the gowns that I wish I could wear but can’t afford.


Emma Stone in Lanvin

Life goal: to be Emma Stone. As if the glorious hair wasn’t enough, she then has to rock this outfit so well. Emma. Why must you be this perfect?


Emily Blunt in Michael Kors

Perfect. Grecian-inspired outfits seemed to be a massive thing (one I applaud massively, what with my distaste for clingy dresses), and that + braids = swoon.


Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein

Glitter, glitter, glitter. Reese does it so well. The effortless hair just finishes this off in the best way.


Helen Mirren in Dolce & Gabbana

When I grow up I want to be Helen Mirren. That’s all.


Felicity Jones in Christian Dior

Totally regal and this colour is divine. Rockin’ it, Felicity. Supremely rockin’ it.


Benedict Cumberbatch and fiancée Sophie Hunter in Erdem

Like many Cumberbatch fans, I was quite put out when he got engaged. “Why,” I moaned, “why is he not marrying me?” I mean, come on. I’m only on another hemisphere. NOT TOO HARD, BENNY.

Anyway, I can’t even be upset anymore. He’s marrying a woman who successfully matched her lip colour to her dress, and her dress colour to her eyes. Utterly gorgeous. I can barely even match my shoes to each other.


Ellie Kemper in Naeem Khan

Embellished gowns win my love, as do red lips. Polished to perfection.


Juliana Goldani Telles in Carmen Marc Valvo

That blue is just stunning, and what a neckline. The skirt balances this look out and it’s such a princess dress. Love.


There were some absolute stunners this year. So beautiful, right? I vote that everyone gets a day of dressing up in a gorgeous gown and twirling around like a Disney princess…

Images via E! Online.


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