A Downton-style Wedding

Once every so often you get one of those days.

For me, today was that day. I’d gone to bed last night in what can only be described as a vicious rage (who invented guys? Who invented emotions? More to the point, why?), which led to a fitful sleep. This morning, I got to work and realised that I had a Go card with no money, and only a debit card to fill it that had no pin, so I had no way to go home except walking. Then Brisbane got a hailstorm. Add a few stress-induced work moments in there and oh man. It’s the sort of day that only a new episode of Downton can cure. AND WE’RE IN HIATUS.

So to make up for my lack of Downton fix, have a bit of Downton wedding inspiration. We’re going with Season 5 – did you all see that stunner of a wedding gown picked out by Lady Rose? If I could pull something like that off, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

The Inspiration


Lady Rose MacClare, part of the landed gentry according to Downton lore. Her wedding formed the finale of Season 5, where the style-conscious beauty absolutely stunned in a gilded gown that sings all of the 1920s’ praises.

Chosen by Downton’s new costume designer, Anna Mary Scott Robbins, the gown was a vintage one in mint condition. “Lady Rose would have had her wedding dress made especially for her big day, so I was anticipating having to make something for her from scratch. As it happened, we had the biggest stroke of luck. The dress she wears is a completely original piece that we unearthed in a vintage shop in immaculate condition. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when we found it and when Lily James put it on, it was one of those perfect moments you don’t get that often in your career.”

Feminine and frivolous, dainty yet with a strength of steel – it’s the perfect descriptor for the gown and Lady Rose, the near-flapper lady with the not-so-traditional husband (just as lovely as she is, by the by).

The Gown

Gossamer0020ed Gossamer0021ed Gossamer0019ed

Anna Campbell can do no wrong. This bejewelled, glitzy number is simply divine. I think my favourite part is this is made to measure. Made to measure. A bespoke gown embodies everything about the nobility, the wealthy and the endless party of the 1920s.

The Kathleen gown is part of Anna Campbell’s Gossamer collection – see the others here.

The Headpiece


Take some cues from Rose’s flapper-esque style with a shimmering headpiece. The Aurora is crafed from sparkling rhinestone Swarovski crystals in a delicate teardrop shape.

Found at Shut The Front Door.

The Shoes

Edited Louboutin

If you know me, you’ll know Louboutins are something I would sell my kidney for. I have threatened to many a time, because I don’t have the riches to afford these glorious heels.

But Lady Rose does. The Top Vague heels are a glamorous modern take on a 1920s pump.

From Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

The Hair & Beauty

charlize golden globesed

Charlize Theron at the 2012 Golden Globes. Perfection, sheer perfection. Subtle makeup and a romantic, whimsical side chignon with curls and waves pay homage to the 1920s without looking costume-y.

The Florals


As seen on Style Me Pretty, this bouquet is beautiful in every single way. White blooms pair with blue thistles in a subdued yet extravagant look.

Image captured by Leah Kua, styling by Sorry I’m Late, florals by Butterfly Philosophy.


Thoughts? I can feel all of my crankiness slowly abating…

Images sourced from original owners. Quote from Radio Times article.


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